Acid Punch

We Contract Manufacture and provide various types of Drain Openers to Housekeeping providers, Overseas Brands & Hyper Markets. Various Drain opener Options available with us are :

  1. Alakaline Drain Openers – Both Powder & Liquid form
  2. Acid Based Drain Openers – Both Muratic Acid as well as Sulphuric acid based
  3. Enzyamatic Drain Openers

Benefits of Drain Openers:

We all know that calling out a plumber can be expensive, especially for a blocked drain. For this reason, we provide various Chemical or enzyamatic based Drain Cleaners which have been proven to just about eat through anything! From paper and food scraps, down to hair and grease. Our drain cleaners have the ability to melt through all the gunk and unclog your drain within seconds!

Features of our Drain Openers:

  • FAST:
    Our Drain Openers possess Professional Strength to Quickly clear blocked toilets, sinks, and drains. The Clog the clog is typically & free-flowing within few minutes of treatment.
    They help clear tough clogs & blockages in the drain due to Hair, grease, paper, food, sanitary towels, tea bags, rags, Oil, sludge, Soap Scums and other organic obstructions with ease.
  • EASY:
    They Displace standing water and clear out the blockage and can be poured into standing water, eliminating the need to remove clogged water before using. Just Pour and it starts acting.
    All containers are sturdy and are fitted with a special security cap.
  • Acid Punch

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