De-ionised / Demineralized Water
Non Conductive Water

If you are Looking to Buy High Quality Demineralised Water, then You’ve come to the Right Place.
We at Kankariya’s have been producing and supplying high quality De-ionised water / Demineralised water for over 60 years. We have built a legacy of excellence as India’s leading water supplier and have earned goodwill in our large customer database consisting of battery users, Automobiles, Dental surgeries, Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Distilleries, Research Organisations, testing laboratories, Printing Companies, critical cleaning, science based Organisations, agriculturists, etc.

A Deionizer creates Demineralized water. Demineralised water is the same as Deionized water, also known as Deionised water, Demin Water, D M Water or DI Water. They are the same item, just called different names depending on your industry or application.

Demineralised water, is the chemically purest form of water. It is contamination free and has its mineral ions removed such as Cations (sodium, calcium, iron & copper) and Anions (Chloride and sulfates). It Removes dissolved minerals, salts, impurities, dirt and odour from water and offers High purity water that is useful in various applications.

The removal of impurities leaves our Demineralised water Ultrapure & most suitable as a raw material or ingredient used to help create and produce many industrial and commercial products. So if you are looking for high purity Demineralized water simply purchase our IONICA or IONICA Plus Deionised Water.

We offer Ready to use Demineralised water in various packaging options. This product is manufactured, stored & transported with high precision. It is high quality Pure Water suitable for various domestic, Industrial and commercial uses as it no longer contains contaminants that may interfere with a process or leave a residue. We assure optimum performance with Kankariya’s Demineralised water.

We Manufacture & Supply 2 Grades of Demineralised Water.

IONICA – High Purity Demineralised water is used in Domestic & industrial purposes for wide applications like:

  • Top up of Lead Acid Batteries
  • Laboratory applications and testing
  • Car Radiator water
  • Car windshiled liquid
  • Carwash
  • Boilers
  • Laser cutting
  • Steam irons
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • steam raising applications
  • Paints
  • Chemicals
  • Surface Cleaning
  • As additives in chemicals & preparations
  • Humidfiers & Foggers
  • Cooling Equipments

IONICA Plus – Ultra High Purity Demineralised water used for high precision scientific & speciality purposes like:

  • Pharmaceutical Purposes
  • Critical Cleaning
  • Cosmetics
  • Autoclaves
  • Fuel Cells
  • Aquariums
  • Biological Laboratory applications
  • Biotech & Tissue Culture
  • High Precision Laboratory testing
  • Wash water for computer chip manufacture
  • Electronics
  • Distilleries
  • Water Mist Fire Extinguishers
  • High precision Science based Organisations & Blue Chip Organisations
  • Various R & D Purposes
  • Hospitals for Non-Human Consumption purposes

Packings & Shipments

*CO2 & other gases absorbed from the atmosphere, once produced can increase conductivity very slightly
*Demineralised water is very sensitive and will absorb gases, minerals or other impurities that is it exposed to. We recommend that once our containers have been opened and the water has come into contact with oxygen, the fluids should be used as promptly as possible.

Kankariya’s Assurance:

  • Chlorine free & impurity – dirt – odour free water.
  • lowest conductivity & TDS Deionised water
  • Consistent quality of water as per I.S. 1069:1993 Standards
  • The prompt & shortest possible delivery time even for huge requirements.
  • Expertise & in depth knowledge of product
  • Efficient & trustworthy supply

Why Kankariya’s ?

SIX Decades of Experience
We at KANKARIYA CORPORATION are a 60 year old group, Pioneers in D M Water manufacture & supply since then. We known and reputed in the market for our excellent quality of material, reliability, service and timely supply. We share a long term relationship with our customers based on trust. We are the market leaders & pioneers in our products. In all these years, with our immense On Ground experience gathered, we have developed superlative manufacturing processes and delivery systems.

Quality Promise
Our emphasis & attitude of no compromise on Quality pushes us to deliver the best quality of material. We value our Brand image that we have maintained over the last 6 decades. We can supply you Water with highest quality standards that will boost the performance of your equipment. We follow the ISO 9001:2015 QMS and our systems and processes are defined to deliver the finest quality consistently.

Sound infrastructure
We possess the most advanced plant and machinery as well as storage and transportation facilities that enables us to consistently deliver large volumes of High purity water in the shortest time.

Packaging of International Standards.
Since water is at its purest form, it tends to be contaminated swiftly during transport and handling. We ensure appropriate packaging that is sturdy and contamination free according to International Standards. It is our expertise to handle, package & transport Deionised water to an extent that minimizes contamination. We are the pioneers in India to manufacture & transport Deionised water in bulk as well as retail packs. Since we transport material in our self owned tankers, there is minimum chance of any external contamination and you get the entire material of uniform quality.

You Name It, We Have It.
We offer Deionised water of optimum Quality to your Company. This product can be supplied exactly as per your quality requirement and also in your requisite packaging. We assure optimum performing levels with Kankariya's Deionised water.

On Time Delivery
We at Kankariya Corporation, provide the prompt & shortest possible delivery even for huge requirements. Our set up of Bulk Manufacturing & storage facilities, well set infrastructure, skilled labour, self owned fleet of transport & many other features enables us for this. This can be of your advantage for bulk material needs in shortest time.

Expertise Delivered
Kankariya Corporation has been the pioneers in Deionised water and carry and experience of over 60 years. We have the most advanced plant & technology to deliver a quality product. Our expertise in the field has benefitted many companies in handling their problems related to water quality. We understand water well and with our expertise, deliver the finest quality of deionised water conforming to various national & international standards.

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There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.

Water is one of the most abundant natural compounds. It is also one of the most contaminated one. A number of minerals readily dissolve in to water. They have to be removed from the raw water before it can be used for any domestic or industrial application. The difference comes from the process by which Raw water is treated for its desired application.
Soft water is water which has relatively low concentration of calcium carbonate and other ions. The water that lathers with soap easily is called or known as soft water. It is achieved by passing water through a water softener which removes basic salts
Reverse Osmosis is a Simple and Straightforward Water Filtration Process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from as Water. This is accomplished by water pressure pushing the water through a semipermeable membrane.
Distilled water is water that has had many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container.
Demineralised Water is water in its most purified form. By undergoing the process of de-ionisation the water it is converted from average water into high-quality De-mineralised water. The process involves water passing through an ion exchange resin bed which filters out all minerals such as such as Cations (sodium, calcium, iron & copper) and Anions (Chloride and sulfates). It Removes dissolved minerals, salts, impurities, dirt and odour from water leaving us with water in its purest form. Demineralised water, is the chemically purest form of water. It is contamination free and has its mineral ions removed such as Cations (sodium, calcium, iron & copper) and Anions (Chloride and sulfates). It Removes dissolved minerals, salts, impurities, dirt and odour from water and offers High purity water that is useful in various applications.

Chemically pure demineralised water is a more efficient substitute for distilled water in a wide range of applications. Demineralized water can be used for a range of domestic & industrial purposes. It is used in car batteries and automotive cooling systems, as well as in cooling towers, boilers, and other systems where any minerals in the water could build up on surfaces and cause blockages and other problems. Demineralized water or deionized water is also required in pharmaceutical manufacturing and cosmetics industries. This type of water is also used for electronics manufacture and a number of industrial processes, such as laser cutting, etc

Checking water levels periodically maintains the health of the battery cells and adding the right kind of water will aid in that process. Battery manufacturers recommend using Demineralised water. 
Using ordinary tap water raw water or even simple softened water is bad for your batteries, as it contains undesired minerals & impurities which will hamper the performance of the lead acid battery and shorten its life.
Adding the right kind and amount of water in your Battery’s cells, will ultimately keep them in top shape and extend the life and performance.

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