We Manufacture TREFF Concentrated POWER CLEANER & DISINFECTANT which has excellent Multipurpose cleaning & disinfectant properties. It is enriched with essential oils and herbal extracts

It is a premium product and has the following properties:

  • Highly Concentrated product with Dilution Ratio with water upto 1:100.
  • Does not contain Harmful chemicals.
  • Long lasting pleasant fragrance.
  • Repellent. Repels flies, Cockroaches & mosquitoes.
  • It keeps away stagnant bad odour.

TREFF Perfumed Concentrated Power Cleaner has excellent Multipurpose cleaning properties. It can be used in :

  • Houses for daily floor wiping
  • Ideal for Cleaning Kitchen tables, Dining Table, floors, Wooden objects,Sinks, Toilets, etc
  • Offices, Schools, Lavatories, Public Places
  • It can also be sprayed upon plants and grass to prevent it from insect attacks.
  • It can be sprayed in Poultries, hatcheries, animal & cattle breeding places to fight bacteria, maintain hygiene / keep away bad smell & maintain pleasant ambience.

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